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DPA 2021.1 is released

Postat av Thomas Löfstrand on 22. januari 2021

The wonderful SolarWinds DPA has been updated to a newer version – 2021.1, and has some new features that we will take a closer look at.


Find SQL

Before we typically saw the slowest top n queries running on an instance. Now every query is there for you to search for and to analyze in more details. You don’t need to know the whole query to find it, DPA has a powerful build in search tool so you easily can find the query you are interested in. Search for any part of the query, the table names, column used or any other SQL statements. And that is not enough, you can combine that with filters as well. You can also filter by:

  • Database user
  • Application
  • Querying machine
  • Database


Microsoft SQL Server TempDB Analysis

Do you want to know what was happening in the TempDB when you did “something else more important than looking at your SQL”? Now DPA does that for you. TempDB health is critical for the performance of some queries. When active transaction results can’t fit in memory they are stored in TempDB instead. Knowing how much of TempDB is used can be very important.



Microsoft SQL Server Backup Analysis

DPA now tracks how backup jobs are ran, or don’t ran. The impact of backup jobs and how the transaction log is affected.


New Enhanced Charts for Resource Metrics

Maybe you saw that the graphs above didn’t look like they use to do. If you use Orion as well, maybe you recognize them. All the resource graphs in DPA is new and shiny. Easy to use and easy to see the actual values you are interested in. Just point in the graph and you will see the exact values. If the values are close to your thresholds you will see that info as well, just as in Orion.



And more...

There are a few more features:

  • New Security Role for user management
  • DPA Repository support for MySQL 8
  • Reduced Privilege Registration of Databases
  • Support for Analyzing IBM DB2 11.5
  • … and of course the usual list of Security and Bug fixe

Read about them all here.



Need assistance or want to try out DPA yourself? Nethouse is here to help!

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